Newsletter #14, March 28th 2022. 

After these two very strange years my concert calendar starts looking like it used to do, more or less. New dates are added almost every day, and I am excited to get back on the road! 

January was quiet. February quite busy, with a two-week tour in Denmark with Jesper Theis, The Mojo (HU) and me. Now march is at its end, having no concerts at all - giving me time to do a little work on the house and the "new" rusty VW-T4 that I've found. The white Berlingo (Ingo lll) gave up on me in Hamburg in January. Hopefully the T4 will last longer... 
April, May, June...looks good, and it will go on from there. 

A new duo album with Holger Daub is on its way - release date will be sometime in May, if all goes well. A new video with Jesper, The Mojo and me is in the process too. 

So! Hope to see some of you out there! 

Best regards / Viele Grüsse, 

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