Newsletter number seven. 

November was, till now, spetacular. There is definitely material for a new song or two -  from these many adventurous trainrides I did the last month. Visiting Baden-Baden Bahnhof for the second time in my life was memorable. I stood on the exact same spot as I did three years ago when the idea was born for Another Train Song ("...from Baden-Baden to Frederikshavn...").
Today I'll take my old Berlingo - would love to go by train, but not possible - to Westerdeichstrich, then Rendsburg, and ending off in Amen, first concert in NL for a long time. 
2018 will end up counting 103 concerts, probably my busiest year ever.
Iit is time to pack, and off I go - and really hope to meet some of you out there! 

Best regards/Mange hilsner/Viele Grüsse 

(Newspaper outside the venue in Friedrichstadt)

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