I have had some busy months, playing in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Hungary and (for the first time) Faroe Islands. We did some live recordings with our trio (Holger Daub (DE), Janos Mazura (HU)) in Germany, and will give this a listen next month...perhaps there´s material for a live album. 

Unfortunately there are two cancellations this weekend: Bielefeld (today), because of bad weather - it is an outdoor concert, and Räucherkate in Wattenbek saturday. The venue of Räucherkate is very old and had to cancel because of some restoring. Friday I will play in Kulturlabor Fehmarn  - it begins at 20.30. 

Hope to see you out there! 
Best Regards / Viele Grüsse / Mange Hilsner, 


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